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Demo song & Merry Christmas!

New song available! This is my Christmas gift for you! Happy Christmas eve to all!

New demo song I wrote a couple of months ago. Basically the songwriting is done but I think there are some tweakings left to be done on the drums to get a definitive song.

No definitive title yet. Feel free to suggest a title for that song :) "Winter night"? "Winter Starry night"? Well, whatever... :)

Pretty Jazz/Rock sounding with a Satriani influence that can be heard during the verse IMO.

As usual, that demo song features strong influence from Progressive music: many meter changes such as 6/8, 7/4 and 11/16 in the outro. Crazy!

Track by track recording of "VI" from "Alpha" album

This my second song I ever written for the 7 string guitar. The first one is titled "IV", yes another lengthy song, click on link to check it out:

Most tracks feature my 7 string guitar, however some parts of that song were recorded using my faithful 6 string Ibanez guitar becauseshe has the right tone for these parts, not to mention I didn't bother to grab my 7 string as well (yes guitar player can be lazy lol).

"VI" is part of my album "Alpha" I released a couple of years ago. I think it is time to unveil it via YouTube.

It is pretty dark sounding obviously, but it is not the darkest and sadest song I have written so far.

Each video sequence reflects the actual guitar track being recorded for the final song.

Enjoy :)


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