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Grand Central Terminal

New original song I wrote a couple of weeks ago. Basically, it is an instrumental Rock ballad which features a Jazzy theme I love a lot.
Very expressive and melodical! This song reflects my vision of what NY can be in my mind. Skyscrapers, huge train stations and... Jazz clubs especially.

This is the reason why I use flugelhorn frequently to give this song a Jazzy edge like Pat Metheny's tunes.
As usual I try to focus on melody and songwriting instead of overplaying.

Feel free to share this video!

Video link:

Erik Satie Gymnopédie N°1 cover

Here is a new song I played which is dear to me: "Gymnopédie N°1"wrote by French composer Erik Satie.

Both the melody and chord progression make this song so superb!

It sounds and looks easy to play but it is not actually as there are some wide stretching of fingers involved in some parts. Very challenging!

Link to video:


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